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100% handmade by Mellus with a lifetime guarantee.

Since 2009 Mellus has been building handmade electric guitars, which are just as unique as the music you make. To have a custom guitar built is not a decision you make easily. For many guitarists it is a dream. For other guitarists it is a professional step, because they want their own specific guitar sound and personality. Whatever the reason may be: your guitar is unique and 100% handmade. What’s more: you will get a lifetime guarantee on your guitar.

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Of course you first want to experience for yourself how a Mellus custom guitar sounds and feels. So, just come over and try them out in our custom shop.

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100% handmade guitars step by step

In our custom guitar shop in Soest The Netherlands, nearby Amersfoort, Utrecht and Amsterdam, we 100% handmake the bodies, the pickguards and back cavity covers. The hardware for the electric guitars is delivered by various high-end brands such as: Gotoh, Qparts, HotRod and many other well-known brands that have greatly proved themselves. We at Mellus in Soest also do the spraying, finishing off, wiring and testing ourselves.

Lifetime guarantee when you have your guitar built by Mellus.

You’re reading this correctly: a lifetime guarantee on your Mellus guitar. We stand for quality and stand 100% behind the guitar that we handmade for you step by step. We know exactly which quality of woods, materials and hardware we chose for you. Not just a 1-year factory guarantee, with the exception of the wear of the frets, saddle, setups or adaptions. All we expect from you is that you treat the guitar you had built by Mellus, with love and pleasure. Thus the norm at Mellus is a lifetime guarantee on your guitar.

As a guitarist you are in control of every detail

As a client you regularly receive pictures/photographs of the building process of your custom guitar. That’s when we ask you for your feedback, because in this stage it is still possible to make a lot of changes. As soon as your guitar is ready to be played, we will invite you for a test session, in which you will also determine the shape of the neck. With a custom guitar that’s very tricky business. By correctly adjusting this, we literally shape the neck to suit your hand.

Fine-tuning, testing and playing

Lastly, we first test and play your new custom guitar ourselves. The fine-tuning requires great precision. Then, during your second visit, it’s up to you. How does your new guitar sound? How does it feel? We finish the fine-tuning with you there and then it’s time to take your Mellus custom guitar home with you.

Affordable custom guitar

At Mellus there is nothing that gives us more pleasure than to build a guitar from the ground up into a unique custom made guitar that’s only meant to be played by one person: YOU!
And, because this is what we like to do, we have an affordable and efficient procedure that suits guitarists who want to stand out. Professionals who are looking for a specific look and sound.

Mellus, the guitar builder in the area of Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Mellus Guitars in Soest is the builder of handmade custom guitars in the area of Amersfoort, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Our custom shop is easily accessible by car and has sufficient and free parking space. Please check here for the address details.

Chosen by guitarists who know what they want

marcel fisser met zijn mellus gitaar

Wow, so happy!

Wow!!! I’m so happy with my new Signature Strat. Made by Mellus.
Amongst other things, Marcel Fisser is session guitarist and bandleader with Jan Smit and Nick & Simon.

Now the proud owner of a Mellus ‘62

Recently the proud owner of a Mellus ’62 Custom Tele. Compared to almost all other Telecasters I could find, the Mellus is a very fine guitar that stands up tall between the familiar names.

I love the Mellus guitar

I just wanted to say how much I love the guitar! I have two other Fender Strats (AM Std and 50th Anniversary) and yours has way more character and depth, a very different sound and feel to the others which is great! I don’t get to play as much as I would like to but we have the ‘Fete de la Musique’ here in France on 21st June and I’ll play with a band that used to be the ‘Ramones of France’ in the ’80s. I have a Bogner amp being shipped over from the USA soon and I think it will be a great combination. Anyway – keep up the excellent work.
Chris, Paris

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