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Mellus builds electric guitars 100% custom made. Just the way you want them. With a lifetime guarantee.
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Need your electric guitar repaired, restored, sprayed or modified? Small or big restorations: Mellus will arrange it for you.
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Off-the-shelf, 100% custom made electric guitars. A real Mellus! With lifetime guarantee.
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Wow! I’m so happy with my new Signature Strat. Made by Mellus.

Marcel Fisser
Marcel Fisser is session guitartist and band leader with Jan Smit and Nick & Simon.
You can also see him on the TV show: ‘Best Singers of the Netherlands’.
Listen to the sound Marcel produces with his new Signature Strat.

Total control over every detail

A custom guitar built by guitar builder Mellus gives you the total control over every detail. From the sound to the look and feel. Do you want the looks of a custom vintage guitar? Or do you prefer a totally new look? Mellus will have your guitar look exactly the way you want it.

What about the sound? Mellus tunes the guitar to create the sound you want to hear.
Stand out and go for a custom guitar. 100% handmade with lifetime guarantee. That is what Mellus is all about.

Mellus custom gitaren

Mellus is a 100% guitar builder. On any regular day you will find us design guitars, evaluate the rough wood types and materials that were delivered. And you will see us handle saws, chisels, sanders, wood joints, glue and screws.

In the spray booth the custom guitar gets color and character. For a vintage guitar the vintage treatment is started. Bright shiny becomes dull, scratched and damaged again. This is exactly how the vintage look that you need is made.

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Mellus builds or repairs your electric guitar.
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